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Friday, March 09, 2007

O'Reilly Rattled tonight--At least he's got Passion

This just in: I was alerted that Bill O'Reilly (one of my friends calls him O'lie-ly, which is a bit extreme) got very emotional in his Talking Points tonight about illegal immigration. Indeed he did. As always, I must qualify this with: I don't always agree with O'Reilly. As a matter of fact, I rarely watch the guy. Yet, he can be quite sensible. I give him high points for being PASSIONATE. He, more so than most robotic talking heads, has real concerns about certain issues (namely regarding children), and it shows. He is an equivalent to a columnist, so his points are mostly opinions. NYC protects illegal aliens? Well, maybe not that sweeping, but that is what he said, and he said it because of the eight West African children who were killed in a fire. Also, the man who had all these kids had two wives. Hello! This is America, folks. Only one wife, please. I agree with O'Reilly that about three laws were broken in this case THAT IS if his facts are correct. Are they? There was no mention that these people were illegal immigrants in any of the news reports I read on-line. This issue aside, I will still join his percentage 67% who want a solution to our 'open doors,' and now. The flagrant 'Come on In!' that our government has allowed is shameful, especially when there is seemingly so much vitriol hurled at the U.S. and we still don't protect our borders.

This leads me to: Where and How does anyone in this country have a voice, and get our crazy bureaucrats in D.C. to listen to what we want? We can't all be Hollywood celebrities, or tycoons, placing large bills into their already cushy accounts, so how do we penetrate the thick walls of the castle on The Hill? As many have said to me, and I have said in past Blogs, we need a major shake-up in Congress - all new faces and a cleaned-up structure. Adding a few new faces now and then will not do it because they, too, just get sucked into the machine and then no real changes are made in how Congress does business. And, thus, we have the same problems reoccuring (like lax border control). The FBI and CIA need an overhaul too.

BTW... the video clip that I mentioned above is available on-line here. As is his interview with a mayor in PA who has a website where you can help this small town battle the ACLU on an illegal immigration issue.