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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Oscars - Oh my!

I found Danny Miller's Blog 'Jew Eat Yet' on a French expat's site! Strange, but true. A nice surprise. He has some interesting posts, and has published in Salon - a super e-zine (along with Slate) that I have tried/still try to get my work in to. His comments about the Oscars are worth a look, and I agreed with most of his assessments! I thought the same about the 'green' stuff. We were laughing about how all the stars would be pulling away in their limos and Hummers. Green? Ha! It's a bit of hypocrisy I'd say. (See Miller's summary below.) Also, since this guy commented on women, I shall comment on men. Al Gore has lost his looks. His face looked botoxed and his eyes pulled back from some eye fix, and he has been eating way too much. Jack Nicholson--please do not let him star in any more 'old man with hot, young chick' movies (He being the 'old man'.) If that continues, then let Diane Keaton get the young guy in her next film -- not get stuck with Jack! I agree with the Blogger, she deserves better roles.
10. George W. Bush did not win an Oscar. (from Jew Eat Yet)

It’s almost too painful to see Al Gore on stage and speculate about what our world would be like had he been allowed to assume the Presidency that was rightfully his. Ironic that someone who was constantly criticized for being too “wooden” during the 2000 race has become so skilled and at-ease in public that he seemed far more comfortable than Leo DiCaprio during their bit. Gore’s message is a critically important one, of course, and he deserved the accolades he received last night every bit as much as he deserved the key to the front door of the White House. But maybe it’s all part of some Divine Plan and he’ll take up the mantle of the would-be President who has the most important and wide-reaching post-political impact (especially now that so many people have turned on Jimmy Carter). It’s easy to make fun of the so-called Hollywood green crowd, especially those that then pull their gas-guzzling Hummers out of the Hollywood & Highland parking lot, but the awareness that Al Gore has brought to environmental issues can’t be underestimated even if watching “An Inconvenient Truth” did make me want to hurl myself into an active volcano.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Will they be the ones?

Yes, that's Hillary as Queen, and Rudy is Man of the Year. Interesting that you can not find comical photos of Rudy. I am sure it won't be long before they will be around.


Molly Ivins

I heard Molly Ivins --and talked to her afterward--on a (now infamous) panel with Bill O'Reilly and Al Franken at the Book Expo in L.A. She held her own when the two men started verbally fighting. (For the story of this altercation, see USA TODAY or or Google it--there are plenty of reconstructions of the event.) I was actually there at this event, and it was a bit unsettling, but admittedly entertaining. I felt sorry for Molly who was not a part of the fight, and another panel member had cancelled, so she was the odd person out. Yet, she was humorous to the finish of this luncheon and panel. I can only imagine what she was thinking: "There the men go again! Some things never change." (Personally, I thought Franken sounded like the bigger ass during the fight, as I was there to witness it. But, both men were behaving badly.) Later, when I spoke to her, she said, "Honey, this was quite a lunch" (or very close to those words).
A nice piece appears in about Molly, and there are numerous others. Slate quote: "She hated phonies and D.C. insiders and bemoaned the demise of independent journalism, writing: 'If you are a younger journalist … how are you to know that there's another way to do it? A whole different tradition? That success is not becoming a talking head celebrity, saying what everyone else says?'" So true! She really didn't like the whole D.C. posturing. I didn't agree with her on many political issues, but I liked her chutzpah, and my admiration for her and her writing increased tenfold after I saw her on this panel in 2003. Yes, I read many of her columns, even when not always agreeing with what she said. I still enjoyed her writing! Perhaps this is the benefit of being a 'centrist' (or just being interested in all types of styles of writing). I know many people on the left and right who rarely or never listen to or read any other side but their own, and that's sad. I read numerous papers, magazines, and e-zines written from myriad biases (as every writer has a bias), but that, to me, is educational. Also, there is nothing wrong with disagreeing with a position. I don't mind getting riled up - it makes me consider my own position. I won't say which side of the political spectrum is most close-minded about looking at other points of view....I'll leave it alone..for now.
So, I will say "Auf Wiedersehen" to Molly, and I hope there are plenty of people with whom you can spar wherever you may be going next! I'm so glad I got to meet you.