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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Back on the Blog!

I have not abandoned my Blog, although sometimes I feel as if I'm writing to myself. I feel this way when I write to 'famous' talking heads in the media also, which I did recently when I sent off a long comment to Sean Hannity. He makes sense only sometimes. He, like Rush Limbaugh (who is troublesome), has no college degree. I say this because often your intellectual acumen is honed in college. He is pontificating on serious matters, and it would be nice to know that he actually studied history and political science. As a matter of fact, he should have a PhD if he is going to be a pundit, because the 'people' listen to him more than say, a professor. Certainly there are many wacko professors (former) out there - see Ward Churchill and more recently, Kamau Kambon. But, there are also great profs. Now to get off on a tangent...the professors who do make sense are usually vilified or pegged as 'politically incorrect' such as I. S. Wichman at Michigan State. (Please see Snopes on this one, as their site verified the story.) There has been so much acrimony in the press this past week that I just don't know where to begin. Hmm. The common denominator of the main stories seems to be 'Muslim.' Hmmm. And another is 'anti-American.' It's unfortunate that we will have to soon say to Gwyneth and other vocal (usually actors) anti-Americans that they should just live elsewhere. It used to be that when one made the statement - 'Love ir or leave it'--that one was lambasted for displaying a narrow sophomoric viewpoint. I don't agree with the 'gotta love it' part, as criticizing the government is a good thing. However, there are points where the negativity is on overload. One has the choice in the U.S. to stay and bear whatever it is or leave. That is called freedom. How about that? So, go! go! Please move elsewhere if you will be happier. I have lived elsewhere and, though there were many positives, I still felt the U.S. had more pluses, and I liked it here better. The pendulum has swung. Americans are getting tired of the whiners and demanders (some of whom have it much better here and should realize their 'freedom of speech' would be nonexistent from whence they came; thus, you would think they might respect this privilege a bit more). My grandmother literally ran down the streets of NYC with joy when she came to the U.S. Living under Hitler was no picnic. She was grateful and involved in American politics all her life, which included attending city council meetings. She loved this country (but she was also able to express what she didn't like). How often do you hear even that simple declaration today? (Oh, right. It's not 'PC," and if you love your country then you must be a simpleton). Love usually entails seeing flaws, but choosing to love anyway.