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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rachael Ray and Being Childless

Rachael Ray and Being Childless By Choice - The Juggle - WSJ. A reader comment: "Having children is not about fulfilling your personal fantasy for your life. They are not toys. They do not complete you or all the other crap you hear from some people. No human does that and the desperation with which some women approach having a child is proof enough that people are not thinking clearly about what it is to be a parent."

I have been doing searches on Julia Child since I saw the movie Julie&Julia this week. I guess I've picked up another theme via cooking: having children or not having children, by choice or by circumstance. For me, as for others, it was 'circumstances' (namely, TIMING - relationships ending, getting older, less energy, the dictates of biology, not paying attention to the facts of biology), and it has not been easy and is in last decision stages.

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